Art news

Students in Line 2 and 4 Visual Arts (Portfolio Preparation and Drawing) have been studying techniques using the Elements and Principles of Design through Drawing over the term.

These drawing skills involved investigations in Line, Shape, Tone/Contrast, Texture and Proportion. They also mastered and used drawing techniques of cross-hatching, shading, smudging and organic line.

The mediums they used were lead, graphite, ink and lead pencils (from 2B to 6B).

They have been reproducing sculptural reproductions from Modern Art through to Contemporary Art. The key artist investigations have been Henry Moore, Umberto Boccioni, Edouard Paolozzi and Picasso.

All students can be proud of their achievements this term.

Class Awards for Term 3 are:
Most Improved Student – Brooke Sing
Most Consistent – Natassja Stamp
Award for Excellence – Lisa Tran

David Hearne

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