LTC quiet achiever… Miguel Alvear

Miguel Alvear has been a student at Lake Tuggeranong College for almost two years and is often seen around the school practicing on his guitar. It is well worth the time to stop and listen. His ability is astounding and he is very quiet about what he has achieved and what he wants to do.

He has been studying Classical Guitar at the ANU School of Music and doing quite well as his results attest. In the Australian National Eisteddfod he won the Under 18 Guitar section.

Miguel will perform at a Rising Stars Concert at the Wesley Centre in Forrest on Wednesday August 12th at 12:40pm and it is more than worth the effort to hear him.

Wesley Music Centre Miguel Alvear

He, like many of our students, does not seek praise for his ability and achievement but shows enormous potential in his chosen field. He is another member of our community to keep an eye on.

Ian Ross Marshall


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  1. murkij says:

    Absolutely agree, Michael, and thank you for the post. Miguel is a perfect example of the quiet achiever. He contributes his passion for his subject in a way that adds value to the college community. I can’t wait to be part of the audience tomorrow! Bravo, Miguel!


  2. murkij says:

    Ian – I meant to refer to you, above – not Michael! Apologies! You will be pleased to know that Miguel also has a ‘publicist’ at college, in Michael B.


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