Social and Community Work at LTC

Yr 11 Social and Community Classes

Students in Year 11 Social and Community Services have had a rigorous introduction to the Social and Community Services industry, ethics, legislation and values in the unit. Students have compiled, researched and produced a “go-to-guide” on community services in the local Canberra community.

Students have thoroughly enjoyed their introduction to the unit and Breanna Atherden in particular has participated in work experience at the Woden School.

Yr 12 Social and Community Classes

Year 12 has been busy examining and learning a whole range of issues, developmental learning and considerations of child development for which they can apply to work in the industry.

This semester students have examined the Childhood Domains. They have created a storybook and toy mobile as their assessment pieces. They were required to address the theory and application of their subject matter to a domain as a written complement. This could be used as a developmental learning tool aimed at enhancing a specific childhood domain in practice.

Students who have enjoyed both Work Experience and paid work in this industry sector this semester are Sally Burrell and Kristen Kelly.

Chloe Gordon, Carly Ten Donkelaar and Sally Burrell pictured with their Mobile constructions.

David Hearne

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