Year 12 Building Construction

LTC chook houses

Students enrolled in the Year 12 Building Construction course are almost at the point of completion of constructing two ‘chook houses’. The chook houses have been designed in accordance with the recommendations of the Australian Poultry Breeders Association and are built to be both weather proof and fox proof.

The project has enabled the students to put their understanding of the Australian Standards Light Timber Framing Code into practice. It has allowed them to work on a ‘small scale’ timber frame construction, without the need for building a full sized residential dwelling. The students have worked as a team on the project and successfully acquired a number of VET competencies as a result of their involvement.

The ‘chook houses’ are available to anyone who has a desire to purchase one. The final cost is yet to be determined… suffice to say, it will be a ‘poultry’ amount!

If you are interested in acquiring a ‘chook house’, please contact Alan Boate on 6142 3707 or to arrange an inspection.

Stewart Clode

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