Outdoor Ed update: Caving trip Wee Jasper

A group of enthusiastic cavers and climbers departed early in the morning Thursday 11 June with temperatures dropping to -7 degrees, testing the resilience of the group. The bus trip through the country side to Wee Jasper was spectacular with the hillside blanketed in a white canvas of frost and ice.

On arrival at Wee Jasper students were quickly briefed and oriented with the locations of the caving systems and the planned schedule for the day; a combination of walk-in walk-out explorations through Signature Cave and culminating with a 40 metre abseil into Dip Cave was anticipated. Students challenged themselves and tested their limits by venturing into and exploring the caves, some venturing into tight spaces in Signature.

A mandatory game of hide-and-seek was enjoyed in Signature with all students bar Brittney eventually located by their teacher; great hiding spot Brittney.

Team work and comradery was clearly evident throughout the day with each looking after and encouraging their friends. The highlight of the day was the 40m decent into Dip Cave which required some clever navigation around the rocky entry point and a mezzanine point along the way.

The cavers were; Niki Krajacic, Brittney Stewart, Kayley Stewart, Dylan Hyde, Dominique Williams, Patrick Day, Geoff Maloney (teacher) and Armando Corvini (K7 adventures).

Note: We did eventually find Brittney and did not leave her behind.

Geoff Maloney

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