Art focus on the Renaissance

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As part of the Teacher Directed task in term 1, students from Year 12 Visual Arts had the opportunity to gain some academic painting skills and techniques experience. Students were to choose a Renaissance Artist and reproduce one of their paintings. As a lead up, student’s completed many studies much like an apprentice would have spent a life doing in the Renaissance era.

The techniques they mastered and applied to their painting were Chiaroscuro, Sfumato and Tenebrism. They also understood value and hue as well as completing studies in tinting, shading and monochromatic/chromatic scales. They were also encouraged to research the Renaissance art movement and their chosen artist.

The second assessment item completed required them to describe and discuss the techniques and artwork in an essay. Their approach to such a rigorous and academic task was a struggle and they accepted the challenge with fervour and patience. The work they have completed and submitted for assessment is of a very high standard, speaks for itself and it is something the students can be very proud of.

David Hearne

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