Glass Art and Painting Exhibition

On the 29th of April LTC engaged with the community holding the Parent/Teacher Evening.

To add vibrancy and enrich the gymnasium, students from Year 12 Painting and Glass Art classes exhibited some highly academic work from their Teacher Directed Tasks.

The Glass Art Engraving work from Rachel Rooney’s students was engraved drawings on sheet glass. The subject matter depicted Celebrities Portraits and Alice in Wonderland to name a few. The engravings were highly detailed, precise and expressive. It was a unique and engaging way to reproduce illustrations in another format other than paper. It also acted as a scaffold and introduction for the students to understand WH&S issues and the care required to work with glass.

The Paintings from David Hearne’s students were reproductions of Renaissance Art. Students successfully applied themselves to the rigorous academic techniques and skills required to paint like a master. They did this with great success and it something they can be very proud of.

The feedback from Parents and other Staff for their work was highly commended and provided positive encouragement. One English Teacher thought he was transported via the Tardis to the Louvre and he was considering re-inventing the essay for a similar expose’.

David Hearne

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