Another debating win for LTC

Show me the money! Do we regret the glorification of material wealth in popular culture? This was the challenging question posed to the Tuggeranong Debating team this week, and as the negative team it was up to us to convince the adjudicator that we don’t – in fact celebrating material wealth is to the benefit of our society.

Up against last year’s competition champions – St Clare’s – it was a closely contested debate that featured more mention of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West than a celebrity magazine.

St Claire’s opened with a line of argument that saw the glorification of wealth as causing a growing malaise amongst society, as we all strive to emulate the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and suffer depression when we realise it is not possible. Instead, they argued, we need to celebrate our fellow man not for what they have, but who they are, and place emphasis on spending time with family and living a more meaningful life.

Lake Tuggeranong countered the exuberance of the St Clare’s team with their trademark calm, reasoned style. They presented a strong case for the need to celebrate wealth – and the effort, ingenuity and hard work of those who achieve it – in order to encourage all Australians to work hard and contribute to our economy. They also highlighted that encouraging consumerism also stimulates our economy, to the benefit of all. This line of reasoning, along with some well-timed comments on the Kardashian’s business empire, saw LTC once again come home with the win!

Congratulations to Emma Kennedy, Jayden Black, Andrew Topp and Connor Ryan for all their hard work. Having now won three from three, we are well placed to secure a booth in the quarter finals.

With three more debates to go until then, watch this space!

Kimberley Hare IMG_20150326_183832~2

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