Debating victory for LTC

Should adulterers lose a right to a proportion of their partners assets?

This morally charged topic was the subject of the first debate for the Lake Tuggeranong College team on Thursday night. Facing the formidable opponents of Canberra Girls Grammar School, the Tuggeranong team’s job was to argue the affirmative – that adulterers should lose this right.

Given the sensitive and personal nature of the topic, the team chose to take a legal approach to their argument. They explained that marriage is a contract in which both partners agree to a monogamous relationship (to the exclusion of all others). And just like when any contract is breached, the effected party should receive financial reparations.

Despite this being the first debate for most members of the team the argument was presented with flair and conviction, resulting in a victorious win!

Well done for Jayden Black, Connor Ryan and Andrew Topp for all their hard work!

Kim Hare
Psychology, Sociology, Theory of Knowledge (ToK)


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