“Where the hills are twice as steep…” photography exhibition

Lake Tuggeranong College student Nicola Theile is having a photographic exhibition from 2 – 31 March 2015 at the National Parks Building in Jindabyne.

“Where the hills are twice as steep, twice as rough” showcases Nicola’s love of the Australian high country in a series of large format, black and white landscapes in the spirit of renowned landscape photographer, Ansel Adams.

“On the trip we encountered what I believe is some of the most beautiful country in Australia. This was my first experience photographing Australia’s high country. During the trip I took around 180 photos and I was amazed, it seemed like such a lot of photos! Things are vastly different today, where I can easily take up to 1000 photos in one shoot.”

Please share news of Nicola’s exhibition and if possible, take a drive to Jindabyne to see it firsthand. Her work is for sale, you never know, you may return from the drive with your own piece of Australia’s high country.

flyer final

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