The ‘Duckles’ Chronicles – musings from lakeside

duckles2 mini

Hi guys, it’s “Duckles” (aka Clarence) here.

You may know me as the goose wandering around by the lake near the campus.

It’s so great to see all the goings-on at the college and I’m pleased to be your unofficial mascot. Now, even though I’m quite friendly please don’t feed me (as it upsets my natural diet and may make me reliant on you for food) and don’t try to touch me as I am a wild animal after all.

I’m here to tell you what’s been going on with some of my favourite students at the college: the LTC Sustainability Group.

So far, this group of brave Eco-warriors (yes, brave… I mean seriously, have you smelt that lake?) have done this year: monthly water testing, frog census, platypus watch, pond rehabilitation, trolley fishing and they have even kept their own Green and Golden Bell frogs.

These kids are so well-renowned that they have even met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton), ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher and ACT Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch. I mean is that amazing or what?

I’ll be a regular contributor to your blog and newsletter with titbits of info and observations from the ‘watery’ side so stay tuned.

A quick note of thanks to Emily Barnwell for producing such a great illustration of me – you rock.

Until next time, Clarence out! Quack.

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  1. murkij says:

    ‘Duckles’ – welcome to the Lake Tuggeranong College community. We love your work!


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