LTC Technology teacher gets a ‘gong’

DATTA ACT – Teacher Excellence Award

The Design and Technology Teachers Association ACT – Teacher Excellence Award is the highest accolade given to a Technology classroom teacher and is presented in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the profession and their students. The Teacher Excellence Award provides public recognition from local through to international levels.

The Teacher Excellence Award is established to identify an outstanding technology teacher who will serve as models for their colleagues and who could form a leadership core to affect change in the field.  DATTA ACT will recognize only one teacher each year.

The Awardee will be the DATTA ACT nomination for the National Technology Teacher Excellence Award. 

I would like to announce that Lake Tuggeranong College’s Alex Reid is the recipient of the 2014 ACT DATTA (Design and Technology Teacher Association) Teacher Excellence Award.

Alex has been recognised for his leadership in Automotive VET training and the development of its curriculum over the last 15+ years in the ACT.

Congratulations to Alex for his tireless effort and contributions to ACT Public Education when you see him next.

Stewart Clode – Technology

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