Lake Tuggeranong College (LTC): Learn, Thrive, Connect

The Education and Training Directorate has selected Lake Tuggeranong College as one of the schools across the ACT  for the wireless expansion project.

Over recent years there has been transformational change in education and training methods and technologies which has seen ETD re-evaluate digital needs within schools. Various changes outside of schools such as increased access to the internet, use of social media, cloud based collaborative tools and infinite access to information resources and learning content has transformed the learning and teaching experience driving a massive increase in the expectations of both teachers and students within schools.

Teachers and students today expect the same ICT experience at school as they receive  outside of school. Teachers and students have much greater expectations of ICT as an enabler and expect ICT to provide increased access to the internet anytime and from anywhere. They expect to be able to access communication, collaboration and content sharing tools plus a range of other digital capabilities required to improve productivity, communication and the learning experience.

High Schools and Colleges are considered a mandatory priority to have wireless improved and future proofed (all cabling and any cabinet upgrades completed as per the final design).

The wireless design at Lake Tuggeranong College is scaled for 2 devices to 1 student – 25 users per WAP.

Increased access to wifi within LTC has seen a marked increase in the use of smart technologies by both teachers and students at the college.

Margaret Price


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